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About Us

The Denver Alumnae Chapter is proud to be one of the largest Theta alumnae chapters. Our members live across the metro area from Broomfield to Castle Rock, from Aurora to Golden, and in mountain communities like Evergreen, Winter Park, Breckenridge, and Vail.

Programming is one of our chapter’s strengths. Every month, members can choose among several all-chapter and Special Interest Group events. Our size is an asset too: We are large enough to attract a diverse mix of women to every event, yet small enough to nurture deep friendships. On average, 15-25 ladies attend most events, though typically close to 200 Thetas attend our annual Founders Day celebration.
We are also a very diverse group. We are a mix of young and old, working and retired, mothers and grandmothers, widows, singles, professionals, and volunteers. The differences among us make our chapter rich and interesting, plus encourage us to learn from one another.

Because many Colorado residents hail from somewhere else, the Denver Alumnae Chapter is often a “home away from home” for us as alumnae, much like Theta was for each of us in college. Theta offers a chance for us to make friends, share good times, support our community, stay connected to the Fraternity, and learn and grow as mature women.

Chapter History

Our alumnae chapter was chartered in 1909. We serve three primary functions:

  1. To support the Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity, both internationally and locally
  2. To provide opportunities for the social, intellectual,
    and moral growth of its members
  3. To make a positive contribution to the Denver community

Charter Members

Jessie Edwards Barrett
Mary Stephenson Buchtel
Harriet Sperry Campbell
Amelia Perkins Cutler
Alice Plested Downer
Emma Agard Engle
Belle Sinclair Knowlton
Myrna Langley
Lida Miller
Halstead Ritter
Mabel Baum Smith
Joyeuse Fullerson Sweet
Carol Fowle Vossler
Josephine Whitehead
Lucretia Whitehead Payne Stephens

Chapter Officers

The following chapter leaders serve a one-year term from January 1 to December 31. Elections are held at the annual meeting in November.

President Barbra Chase

VP Communications  Shelby Myers

VP Finance Samantha Kin

VP Fraternity Catie Brumit & Tricia Wales  

VP Fundraising Colleen Williams 

VP Membership Natalie Royle

VP Programming Audrey Kiszla & Jill Pedicord-Peterson

VP Service Caroline Montez 

VP Special Interests  Ashley Nelson

Secretary  Diana Martin-Gruenler

Parliamentarian  Shan Burchenal

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion  Rebecca Cabrera & Amber Rexwinkle

Immediate Past President  Carolyn Ferreira

Past Presidents

2023 - Carolyn Ferreira
2022 - Carolyn Ferreira
2021 - Karen Olsen
2020 - Leslie Franklin
2019 - Missy Eliot
2018 - Karen Olson
2017 - Kelli Kelsall
2016 - Val Lunka
2015 - Jane Siekmeier
2014 - Jane Siekmeier
4/2013-12/2013 - Martha Doughtie
2012-13 Elizabeth Metz
2011-12 - Allison Radcliffe
2010-11 - Andrea Autobee Trujillo
2009-10 - Nancy Carnes Ives
2008-09 - Shera Eddy
2007-08 - Leigh Plue
2006-07 - Leigh Plue
2005-06 - Liz Petersen
2004-05 - Edie Bell
2003-04 - Edie Bell
2002-03 - Cathy Price
2001-02 - Margaret Baker
2000-01 - Felicia Kopelman
1999-00 - Susan Sparkman
1998-99 - Jenny Hock
1997-98 - Cathy Price
1996-97 - Kendy Cusick-Rindone
1995-96 - Stacy Hayes
1994-95 - Patti Theil
1993-94 - Dale Sullivan
1992-93 - Jane Stout
1991-92 - Ardie Boswell
1990-91 - Gale Van Ort
1989-90 - Karen Ottesen
1988-89 - Molly Fowler
1987-88 - Gloria Siekmeier
1986-87 - Courtney Price
1984-86 - Billie Jackson
1983-84 - Peg Harmon
1981-83 - Linda Houston
1979-81 - Carol Spensley
1977-79 - Alice Swanson
1975-77 - Ingrid Nitzsche
1973-75 - Mary Grace Washburn
1971-73 - Bonnie McMullen
1969-71 - Connie Albright
1968-69 - Katie Fox
1967-68 - Beverly Angstman
1965-67 - Virginia Perrott
1964-65 - Eva Horner
1963-64 - Mary Lou Seeliger
1962-63 - Mary Huggins
1961-62 - Jeanne Mammel
1960-61 - Mary Lou Hubbard
1959-60 - Diane Gilman
1958-59 - Genevieve Linger
1957-58 - Evelyn Cass
1956-57 - Jean Rich
1955-56 - Jean Brigham
1954-55 - Josephine Stansfield
1953-54 - Virginia Vincent
1952-53 - Betty Patten
1951-52 - Dorothy Cornwall
1950-51 - Florence Britton
1949-50 - Edna Devenish
1948-49 - Phillipine Dixon
1947-48 - Betty Garwood
1946-47 - Florence Hagler
1945-46 - Esther Stubbs
1944-45 - Isabel Masten
1943-44 - Genevieve Moynihan
1941-43 - Mildred Buck
1939-41 - Thelma King
1938-39 - Louise Amith
1937-38 - Josephine Barteldes
1936-37 - Mabel Smith
1934-36 - Mary McGlone
1933-34 - Mabel Smith
1932-33 - Alice Lowry
1931-32 - Katherine Weaver
1930-31 - Alice Steele
1929-30 - Martha Frye Macomber
1928-29 - Madeline Forbes
1927-28 - Dorothy Mae Downing
1926-27 - Gertrude Wireman
1925-26 - Aurelia Tuttle
1924-25 - Kitty Scott
1921-24 - Willa Modesitt
1920-21 - Joyce Clark
1912-13 - Jessie Barrett
1911-12 - Emma Engle
1910-11 - Carole Vossler

Awards & Recognition

Our chapter has been decorated with many awards and top honors from the Fraternity over the years. In addition to consistently receiving the Gold Kite Award for overall excellence, the Denver Alumnae Chapter has twice been recognized with the Founders Award—Kappa Alpha Theta’s highest award for an individual chapter—in 1992 (the first year it was given to an alumnae chapter) and again in 2012. The Founders Award recognizes outstanding and sustained excellence in programming, membership and recruitment, service and philanthropy, college chapter interaction, and member engagement. We are so proud to be recognized as one of Theta’s top groups for alumnae!

Individual Awards: Each year, our chapter honors two members for their outstanding individual contributions to Theta and the community at large. These awards, Woman of the Year and Inspirational Theta, are announced at our annual Founders Day celebration in January amid great fanfare—it’s a surprise until the announcements are made. We are also pleased that many Thetas have been individually honored through Denver Area Panhellenic for their commitment to Kappa Alpha Theta, demonstrated community service, and general Panhellenic spirit.

Click each box below to learn more about each award category and to see current and past recipients.

Woman of the Year
Inspirational Theta
Denver Area Panhellenic Award Winners
The Woman of the Year Award, established in 1973, is our chapter’s highest honor—it's like a lifetime achievement award that represents cumulative contributions that underscore Theta’s ideals. The Woman of the Year is not only an active member of our chapter, but she has shown significant service to both Kappa Alpha Theta and her community over an extended period of time.

Nominations for Woman of the Year are accepted throughout the year, and the winner is chosen by committee. Our Woman of the Year has the honor of wearing the heirloom badge of Edith Pratt, Beta Omega/Colorado College 1937, until the next recipient is announced. 

To nominate a member to be our next Woman of the Year, contact Katie Wilkins.

2023 Woman of the Year: Katie Wilkins

Our fraternity membership requires an open mind and a generous heart, a patient nature, a quiet pride, and a humble spirit. It demands loyalty as well as your labor, your hand as well as your heart. Katie Wilkins has given her labors and her heart. She’s stepped in to lead when others shied away. It is no wonder why she has been our Caring Chair for so many years.

Here are just a few of the ways Katie supports our community:
-Katie has been a girl scout leader for over 10 years.
-She was president of not one but three parent teacher child organizations (Cherry Hills Village Elementary, West Middle School, and Cherry Creek High School). She spent 15 years on those schools’ executive boards.
-She has spent over 16 years, and is still active, with the Young President Organization.
-She chaired the Central City Opera Opening Night and the Yellow Rose Ball while supporting the Central City Opera for over 15 years.
-She’s been a member of the Cherry Creek Schools Foundation for 6 years.
-She has taken on leadership roles with both the Denver Ballet Guild and Cherry Creek High School Marching Band Parent Association.
-Most recently, she became a board member of the 4 Mile Historic Park, after 11 years of volunteering for the organization.

She has received multiple Volunteer of the Year awards from several organizations, and yet she still remains humble.

Past Recipients
Woman of the Year Award

2022 - Patti Theil
2021 - Nancy Ives
2020 - Leigh Plue
2019 - Shera Eddy
2018 - Val Lunka
2017 - Missy Eliot
2016 - Sheri DeCoste
2015 - Allison Radcliffe
2014 - Elizabeth Metz
2013 - Karen Olson
2012 - Caren Stahmer
2011 - Mary Osgood-Plunkett
2010 - Jenny Hock
2009 - Bonnie McMullen
2008 - Kathleen Markey
2007 - Betty Dysart
2006 - Marilyn Blanton
2005 - Scottie Iverson
2004 - Jill Pedicord Peterson
2003 - Stacy Hayes
2002 - Edie Bell
2001 - Cathy Price
2000 - Kendy Cusick-Rindone
1999 - Winnie Ingalls
1998 - Gloria Siekmeier
1997 - Jackie Kremers
1996 - Lydia Troxler
1995 - Lynn Dexter
1994 - Carolyn Cusick
1993 - Nan Thompson
1992 - Gale Van Ort
1991 - Gail Karsian
1990 - Shirley Smith
1989 - Nancy Aitken
1988 - Ardie Boswell
1987 - Gene Koelbel
1986 - Helen Mundy
1985 - Connie Albright
1984 - Linda Houston
1983 - Billie Jackson
1982 - Carol Spensley
1981 - Mary Grace Washburn
1980 - Alice Swanson
1979 - Dorie Anderl
1978 - Evelyn Cass
1977 - Josephine Stansfield
1976 - Gladys Bell
1975 - Martha Fry Macomber
1974 - Margaret Cunningham
1973 - Betty Portner
The Inspirational Theta Award was first announced at the 1993 Founders Day celebration. This award is given to the member who best exemplifies the spirit of Theta through her dedication and service to our chapter and/or the Fraternity, who inspires others by her example, and whose contributions have made a difference to our chapter and our sisterhood. The Theta who receives the most nominations by her sisters is the winner.

Our Inspirational Theta has the honor of wearing a special badge bordered by emeralds and pearls that was given to our chapter by the Fraternity when we received the Founders Award in 1992. 

To nominate a member to be our next Inspirational Theta, contact Joanna Kadis. 

2023 Inspirational Theta: Joanna Kadis

Joanna Kadis is one of those people who is always doing a ton of work in the background. She is often not recognized for all the work she does, and she is humble and never looking for that recognition; she is just happy to help. She has been a loyal member of this chapter for many years, and she is truly a light in my life. She brings positivity and energy into every room she enters. Part of my enjoyment of participating on our board is because I know she will also be there in our meetings and at our events.

Joanna is truly devoted to Theta. She has served on the Denver Alumnae Chapter (DAC) board in multiple positions for many years and always brings her very best. She has found a special passion for Service and has been our VP Service for multiple years now. She has put a focus on service being a year-long activity, instead of only focusing on it in October as part of our Kappa Alpha Theta Day of Service activities. She has paid particular attention to how we can support our local CASA (our national philanthropy) throughout the year, finding a variety of volunteer opportunities in which members can participate.

As I noted, we received many nominations for Joanna for our Inspirational Theta Award. Here are some of the things our sisters said about Joanna:

“I remember meeting this Theta at a Theta event and thinking, she’s going to do great things! Joanna has consistently shown us faith, hope and love throughout the years. She is solution-oriented and a highly motivated board member.”

“She is a servant leader who is selfless in her leadership.”

“She is a gifted volunteer with a vision for the future. Her can-do attitude inspires others and helps support our chapter interests and goals. She understands that good leadership is not a trumpet call to self-importance but an opportunity to serve.”

“She is loyal and has a willingness to go above and beyond the call to duty.”

“She is a leader who transforms the world into a better place through her career in mental health and her passion for service with the Denver Alumnae Chapter.”

Past Recipients
Inspirational Theta Award

2022 - Mary Ellen Fitzsimonds
2021 - Leigh Miller
2020 - Jill Colbeck
2019 - Leslie Nissen
2018 - Alissa M. Trumbull
2017 - Martha Doughtie
2016 - Kelli Kelsall
2015 - Shannon Gross
2014 - Sarah Hittner
2013 - Leigh Plue
2012 - Leslie Franklin
2011 - Shera Eddy
2010 - Allison Radcliffe
2009 - Gail Karsian
2008 - Edie Bell
2007 - Jenny Hock
2006 - Connie Albright
2005 - Melissa Lee
2004 - Sally Pistilli
2003 - Kathy Fuller
2002 - Gloria Siekmeier
2001 - Margaret Baker
2000 - Kathleen Markey
1999 - Kendy Cusick-Rindone
1998 - Sherla Alberola
1997 - Jill Pedicord Peterson
1996 - Sue Giovanini & Patti Theil
1995 - Jane Stout
1994 - Stacy Hayes
1993 - Allison Ratkovich
Among all Greek alumnae in metro Denver, three are selected each year by Denver Area Panhellenic to receive the organization’s prestigious Alumnae Achievement, Woman of the Year, Panhellenic Spirit , and Emerging Leader awards for service to their Greek organizations and the larger community. The following Thetas have been recognized with these honors:

Alumnae Achievement Award

Recognizes the honoree's extensive community service to local civic, cultural, charitable, and/or faith-based organizations, in combination with service to her own Greek organization 

2020 - Jill Pedicord Peterson
2017 - Missy Eliot

Woman of the Year Award

Recognizes the honoree's extensive service to her own Greek organization, often including service at the district, national, and/or international level, and may reflect longtime service to Denver Area Panhellenic

2019 - Mary Ellen Fitzsimonds
2016 - Jenny Hock
2013 - Kendy Cusick-Rindone
2012 - Kathleen Markey
2011 - Scottie Taylor Iverson
1976 - Gladys Coulette Bell
1975 - Martha Frye Macomber

Panhellenic Spirit Award

Recognizes a current Council delegate for her outstanding service/commitment to Denver Area Panhellenic

2019 - Leigh Plue
2014 - Jenny Hock

Emerging Leader Award

Recognizes a sorority alumna 35 years of age or under for her achievements and involvement with alumnae and collegiate Panhellenic and member organizations and career and community involvement
Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity, founded at Indiana Asbury College (now DePauw University) in Greencastle, Indiana, on January 27, 1870, is the first Greek-letter fraternity for women. “Kappa Alpha Theta,” “Theta,” and our coat of arms, badges, and logo are registered trademarks of Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity.
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